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Olympus Microscope model CH20i

Olympus CH20i
Focusing by coaxial coarse and fine roller guide (Comfortable position of focusing knobs). Tension adjustment. Quadruple revolving nosepiece. Large stage 120 x 132 mm. With mechanical stage right hand drive. Abbe condenser 1.25, with iris diaphragm, Blue filter. Anti-Fungus Achromatic objectives: iNE 4x, iNE 10x, iNE 40x (spring), iNE 100x (spring, oil Imm.).  Paired Eyepiece Wide field  iCWHK 10x.  In thermocole pack.
Olympus Microscope model CX21i

Standard set complete with Seidentopf Binocular head, in-built 6V 20W halogen light illuminator, with
Anti-Fungus Plan Achromatic Objectives 4x,10x,40x (spring) & 100x (oil, spring), paired eyepieces wide field 10x (F.N.20) in thermocole packing, manufactured under license from Olympus Corporation, Japan.
Features : UIS2 Plan Infinity Optics providing image flatness, Seidentopf observation head for individual choice of adjustment, Anti-fungus treatment for component durability, High eyepoint design eyepiece (F.N.20), Interchangeability of Objectives, the abbe condenser & the light relay system fitted with high performance aspheric lenses for bright & uniform illumination, Window in arm & the Ergonomic design for user convenience, Illumination system through SMPS circuit for constant voltage output, Rackless stage for durability and ease of use, Mechanical stage focus-lock prevents mishaps, Component security - student proof.
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