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Various Microscopes from Olympus
Olympus microscope model HSA, HB, GB

Educational Microscopes

Monocular student microscopes made by Olympus Opto Systems.
Model MAGNUS HSA Reliable student microscope. In the market for more than 30 years and used in colleges across India as the main workhorse microscope.

Easily the most popular pathological microscope in medical colleges.
Like model HB and with a graduated draw-tube.

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Magnus MLX, Theia microscopes

Laboratory & Clinical Microscopes

For educational & healthcare applications, these laboratory & cClinical microscopes are available with monocular, binocular and trinocular heads and choice of light sources. Equipped with high quality economical achromatic series of objectives or plan infinity objectives and widefield eyepieces.
Models are Magnus MLX-B,
MLX-Tr, MLX-M, Theia, Icon etc.
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CH20i microscope from Olympus

Olympus CH20i and CX21i Biological Pathological Microscopes

Economically priced, yet superior quality microscopes for pathologies, education and research. These two microscopes have set a new standard in optical and mechanical quality in India.
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Olympus Stereomicroscopes Stereoscopic and Stereozoom Microscopes

High performance stereomicroscopes for biological and industrial use. Superior optics for clarity and flatfield observation, with attachments for various applications.
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Olympus Inverted Microscopes Inverted Microscopes

Inverted microscopes for biological tissue culture applications. Plan infinity optics with long working distance objectives. Trinocular head for fitting documentation cameras. Available are a number of attachments to increase versatility of the microscope.
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