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Olympus Opto Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope model Invi

For brightfield and phase contrast applications (30° inclined, interpupillary 48mm~75mm) having 6v30w halogen light illuminator, quintuple revolving nosepiece, coaxial coarse (stroke : 37.7mm per rotation) & fine (stroke : 0.2mm per rotation) adjustment, plain stage (160x250mm) with glass insert, auxiliary stage 70x180mm, Condenser LWD 72mm, Long working distance Plan Infinity Brightfield Objectives 4x/0.1 (W.D 18mm) & 40x/0.6 (W.D 2.6mm - Cover Glass 1.2mm) And Phase Contrast Objectives 10x/0.25 (W.D 10mm) & 20x/0.4 (W.D 5.1mm) with phase annulus plate (10x-20x, 40x) & High eyepoint, extra wide field eyepiece EW10x (F.N.22) standard set complete. Features :
Long Working Distance Plan Infinity Optics
Pre-Centered Phase Annulus
Trinocular Port In Standard Unit
Excellent Field Flatness.
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