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Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems - Acrylic Welded

Models of Acrylic Welded Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems

Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems - Moulded

Models of Injection Moulded Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems


Dark background plate for easy visualization of wells for trouble-free loading
- Thickness of 0.2 mm diameter of wire for rapid run
- Height adjustments of the comb is allowable for different experiments
- Plexiglass rod is provided on both ends for easy lifting

Package Includes

- Buffer tank with safety lid
- Electrodes Positive and negative
- Gel Running Trays and Combs (1.0mm thick)
- Power cord

Optionals are

- Combs of thickness 0.75mm and 1.5mm and varied number of wells
- Gel Casting Systems
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