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Automatic Colony Counter with touchscreen and software Features of Automatic Colony Counter with touchscreen
Compact design that looks good, the Colony.PRO and Colony.TOUCH automated colony counters are high performance colorimetric bio-imaging system. Featuring a 12 megapixel camera, the camera connects to a built-in touch-screen or PC through USB and can be controlled from the touch-screen or PC. Epi-white and trans-white high brightness LEDs that let the petri dishes be illuminated from above and below are standard. A choice of illumination options with colour and wavelength-specific LEDs, UV and more, adds to the versatility of the colony counter.

The Colony Capture and Count software will let you control the camera from the touchscreen or PC and capture sharp images of petri dishes. The counting software does automatic and accurate colony counting within seconds. Report generation and export is easy.

The colony counter system is perfect for microbiology labs, pharma companies, biotech companies, research and academic labs.

Colony.PRO and Colony.TOUCH are now CE marked and made in an ISO9001:2008 certified facility.
These are high quality products, proudly made in India.

Automatic Colony Forming Units Counter

How the Automatic Colony Counter works

A compact cabinet has a trans-illuminated platform (that is, light from below) to illuminate petri plates from below. Also, provided standard is a lighting system to illuminate the petri dishes from top.

A colour camera with high-quality optics and superior resolution is built inside. The camera is fully controllable from the touchscreen or an external PC or laptop.

In Colony.TOUCH colony counter model, we provide a touchscreen that is already connected to the camera and without the need of any external PC, the user can observe, click and count the colonies. The touchscreen has ability to connect to a wi-fi network to transer and email images and count reports.

In Colony.PRO colony counter model the user's PC can be used to connect to the camera using USB, click sharp images of the plates and carry out the counting using the provided software.

The work flow is:
- Place the petri plate and switch on the lights (transmitted or reflected or both). Petri dishes up to 6" (15cm) diameter can be captured.
- Start the Colony Capture software and
get a real-time live view image of the plate.
- Adjust camera settings (like shutter speed, aperture, focus) till the best image is obtained. This is usually a one time exercise, that is, once set, subsequent captures usually do not need any camera adjustment.
- Click your images and save them. If there are more plates, capture them too. The images are automatically named. The naming convention can be user-defined.
- After clicking the plates,the colony counting software will count the colonies in the petri dishes, generate analysis reports and export them.
The software also has features to manually count the colonies with the help of the mouse.

Colony Counter with laptop PC and software

- Capture images of plates up to 6" (15cm)
- 12 megapixels
- Sharp optics
- Excellent image quality
- Full colour images for colorimetric colonies
- High brightness LEDs for top and bottom illumination
- Operate camera via PC
or built-in touch-screen
- Count colonies in under a minute
- Generate and export analysis reports

- Easy to use
- Low cost, yet high quality image analysis
- Control camera from PC or built-in touch-screen
- Adjust camera focus, clicking, shutter speed, aperture from PC
- Use touch-screen separately
- Camera mounted inside, so less chance of damage or theft
- Small foot print requires less than 30cm x 25cm footprint
- Attractive design
Package Includes

- Compact, epoxy-coated steel cabinet
- Touch-screen with Colony.TOUCH model
- Trans-white light HB LED illumination
- Epi-white light HB LED illumination
- High resolution colour camera with sharp optics
- Colony Capture and Counting software
- Power cords, instruction manual, warranty card
Optionals are

- Transmitted-light illumination system in ultraviolet sources
- Reflected-light illumination system in multiple wavelength LEDs (for example: red, blue, orange)

- Epoxy coated steel enclosure
- 12 megapixel camera with USB control
- Counts colonies on petri dishes of diameter up to 6" (15cm)
- High-brightness LED based illumination systems
- 3 combinations of lighting (increase choice with optional illumination systems)
- Power: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 80W.
- Unit size: 30cm (front) x 25cm (depth) x 60cm (height).
- Unit weight: 14kg
- Packaged carton size: 40cm x 40cm x 90cm.
- Packaged carton weight: 18kg
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