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Gel.PRIME gel documentation system
Digital Gel Documentation System

One of the easiest to use systems for gel documentation and electrophoretic imaging applications, the Gel.PRIME stands alone to provide the lowest cost yet high quality scientific gel visualization and analysis digital system for classrooms and labs.

The Gel.PRIME gel doc system offers reproducible, high-resolution digital images for gel documentation and imaging. Gel.PRIME is ideal if you have a limited budget because we have a lot of options for you. Purchase the basic system with the camera, transilluminator, darkroom hood and later add a printer or gel analysis software as the need arises.

Featuring a 12 megapixel digital camera, the camera connects to a PC through a USB and can be controlled from the PC. Ultraviolet transillumination can be provided in 254nm, 312nm or 365nm ranges. Filter size of transilluminator is 20x20 cm. Maximum gel size that can be captured is 16x20 cm.

The transilluminator can be used separately too, in case the user just wants to observe the gel.

Gel.PRIME gel documentation systems are now CE marked and made in an ISO9001:2008 certified facility.
These are high quality products, proudly made in India.
Gel Documentation System with Transilluminator
How the Gel Documentation System works

A transilluminator and a removable, light-weight hood with camera is supplied. The camera is mounted on top of the hood. Simply put the gel on the transilluminator and then place the hood over the transilluminator. Switch on the transilluminator and the camera.

View the gel on the camera built-in LCD or connect the camera to a PC using USB to get a real-time live view image of the gel. Adjust camera settings (like shutter speed, aperture, focus) directly on the camera or using the provided gel capture software that controls the camera from the PC. Click your images and save them on the PC.

With the optional 1D gel analysis software, you can analyse the gels.


- 12 megapixels
- 8 bit grayscale
- 24 bit RGB
- Excellent image quality
- 3x manual optical zoom
- EtBr 590 filter
- 312nm / 254nm / 365nm UV
- Use transilluminator separately


- Easy to use
- Low cost, yet high quality images
- Control camera from PC
- Adjust camera focus, clicking, shutter speed, aperture from PC
- Use the camera separately
- Camera mounted conveniently
- Easy access to transilluminator
- Small foot print requires less space
Gel Capture Software (standard)

Gel Capture Software

Convenient and easy-to-use Gel Capture software has options for adjusting the shutter speed, aperture, focus, directory, rotation etc. You can view the gels live on the screen and capture the image using the software. This software is provided standard with the gel documentation system.
Package Includes

- Dark hood
- Variable intensity 312nm transilluminator
- UV safety polymer for transilluminator
- 12 megapixel camera
- Gel capture software
- 590nm filter, suitable for EtBr stained gels
- Power cords, USB cable, instruction manual, warranty card

Optionals are

- Transilluminator in 365nm, 254nm or dual wavelengths
- 1D Gel Analysis software
User Images

Installation at Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati:

Gel Documentation System in use IIT

Installation at Indian Insitute of Space Education and Research, Trivandrum:

Gel Documentation System in use in IISER Trivandrum

Installation at Speciality Hospital, Saket, Delhi:

Gel Documentation System in use, Delhi

Our Gel Documentation System featured at a Biotech Startup in Pune on ET Now:

Gel Documentation System in use

Our Gel Documentation System featured at a Biotech Startup in Pune on IBN LIve:

Gel Documentation System in use, Pune
Please note that different manufacturers use 360nm and 365nm interchangeably for long-wave UV; and 302nm, 312nm for mid-range ultraviolet illumination.
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