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Fermentor & Bioreactors
Bioreacto, fermentor on display in biotech exhibition, India.
Installation of our Fermentor / Bioreactor in Centre for Energy, Indian Institute of Technology (IITG), Guwahati

BioFERMA fermentors and bioreactors are now CE marked and made in an ISO9001:2008 certified facility.
These are high quality products, proudly made in India.

ZENITH India presents a range of low-cost autoclavable and in-situ sterilizable laboratory Bioreactors and Fermentors designed for performance and ease of use.

Using the latest in 16 bit microprocessor technology we offer fermentors and bioreactors that use multi-loop process control techniques to maximize yields in cell-culture and fermentation. At the heart of our fermentors and bioreactors lies 16 bit microcontrollers from Microchip Technology Inc, USA. On board electronics and sensors are sourced from reputed and reliable manufacturers like Texas Instruments, Allegro Micro, National Semi, etc. to give a controller system for these fermentors and bioreactors that works effectively and is extremely reliable.

BioFERMA autoclavable and in-situ sterilizable laboratory fermentors and bioreactors are controlled digital PID control algorithm. The temperature control range is from room temperature plus 3C to 60C. Using optional cooling system, temperature can be controlled from 10C to 60C. It has a stirrer agitation speed range from 100 to 1000 rpm and it can be used for anaerobic micro-organism or aerobic microorganism fermentation process.

BioFERMA series is a low-cost, compact, autoclavable and in-situ sterilizable laboratory fermentors and bioreactors perfect for a range of educational, research and industrial applications.

Fermentor systems are available for microbial and cell culture:
- Microbial Culture: Bacterial, Yeast and Fungi culture.
- Cell Culture: Plant, Animal and Insect culture.
- Moving up from a tissue culture flask and shaker.
- Interchangeable culture vessels (2.5 L, 4 L, 7 L).

Dedicated microprocessor controller system that has been designed specifically for autoclavable and in-situ sterilizable laboratory bioreactor and fermentor control.

Large 20x4 backit LCD displays all fermentor control parameters along with set values at the same time.

Startup LCD screen of laboratory autoclavable fermentor and bioreactor India

Fermentor, Bioreactor LCD displays all parameters at same time.

4 colour 16 key pad for user interface to input control parameters, calibrate sensors and set values.

Stainless steel head plate with ports for sensors, feed and harvesting, heater, gas/air sparger, motor.

DC motor: Top driven for microbial culture and bottom magnetic driven for cell culture (optional).

Peristaltic pumps provided at the side of controller unit for addition of acid & base (for pH control) and feed & harvest of media and culture.



Borosilicate Glass Borosilicate glass vessels of total volumes of 2.5 L, 4 L & 7 L.
User defined capacities can also be supplied up to 10 L.
Working volume is 50% to 70% of total volume.
Stainless Steel SS316L vessels for volumes of 10 L and above.
Standard volumes are 10 L, 15 L, 35 L, 50 L, 100 L.
User defined sizes can be supplied

Fermentor, Bioreactor head plate is on display, India.
Head Plate
MOC Stainless Steel 316L head plate is supplied with sufficient number of ports for sensors, tubings, sparger, motor, heater etc. Contact parts are made from SS316L. All ports have been designed to prevent contamination cross-over. Fitting of ports, sensors, tubings, motor etc. is convenient.

Stirring & Agitation
MOC Stainless Steel 316L stirring rod with propellor type stirrer.
Motor PMDC motor, 12V, 80W, high starting torque.
Control Algorithm PID control
Sensor Magnetic gear tooth sensor.
Range 100-1000 RPM in 10 RPM increments.

MOC Heating finger made from SS316L for contact heating.
For cooling, chiller unit with forced circulation.
Control Algorithm PID control for regulating temperature.
Sensor Platinum RTD dipped in SS316L thermowell.
Range 3C above room temperature to 60C. Increments of 0.1C.
With cooling system: 10C to 60C.

Sensor Autoclavable gel-filled pH electrode.
Control Algorithm PID control.
Control System Peristaltic pumps dispense weak acids or base, automatically depending on set and actual pH.
Range 2 pH to 12 pH, increments of 0.1pH & accuracy of +/- 0.1pH.

Dissolved Oxygen (pO2)
Sensor Autoclavable galvanic DO probe fits in 12mm port of headplate.
Control System Controls dissolved oxygen by sparging air or gas. Rotameters are provided on front to control flow of air into unit.
Range Up to 100%, in increments of 1%

Sensor SS316L conductivity probe for foam sensing.
Control System Peristaltic pumps dispense anti-foam agent depending on probe placement.
Range Control range is height adjustable.

Peristaltic Pumps
Two peristaltic pumps are included with pH module.
One with Harvest / Feed module.
One with Foam module.

Bioreactor, Fermentor, Datalogging software, Lab, autoclavable, india

Software for datalogging and archiving controlled parameters, set values etc.


Diagnositic Mode

Diagnostic Mode
Unique diagnostic mode in our lab autoclavable and in-situ sterilizable fermentors and bioreactors, enables the user to evaluate the health of the fermentor and its various components like pH and DO probes, peristaltic and diaphragm pumps, motors, sensors, calibration, reading etc. This allows remote diagnosis and support can be offered over the phone or email. This enables us to give better after-sales service remotely, often within a few hours of the user request.

The screen below shows the diagnostic mode of the agitation and stirring module of the fermentor. The motor speeds can be checked at Low, Medium and High speeds by pressing 1,2,3 keys. The motor RPM sensor tells the user if its working and consequently if the RPM is being calculated properly. At the company, the service person can ask the user to press and few keys and can remote diagnose the module without having to be physically present. Our fermentor and bioreactors are the only ones in India, to have this feature.

Laboratory Autoclavable Fermentor and Bioreactor in Diagnostic Mode
Standard Configurations available in Borosilicate Glass Vessels

Even our basic units mentioned below are fully functional fermentors and bioreactors. They have been designed in such a way that the units meet your budget yet at the same time are fully upgradeable in the future. So you can add advanced optional modules.

At the same time, the basic unit has systems to control motor speeds and agitation, motor RPM, temperature above ambient, will display pH values and has a 2-gas sparging and aeration system with filters and rotameters.

Basic unit has systems for · Agitation · Aeration · Temperature control (from 3C above room temp. to 60C) · pH display · Fermentor diagnostics (for remote technical support).

Model BioFERMA-01-01
Bioreactor basic unit with 1.5 litre working and 2.5 litre total volume.

Model BioFERMA-01-02
Bioreactor basic unit with 3 litre working and 4 litre total volume.

Model BioFERMA-01-03
Bioreactor basic unit with 5 litre working and 7 litre total volume.

Optional modules can be ordered · For temperatures below room temperature (Cooling System) · pH control (pH Control System) · control Dissolved Oxygen (DO display and control system) · Foam Control · Feed & Harvest · Datalogging Software.
(Order these with the basic unit of your choice)

1-A. Cooling system:
For attaining temperatures below room temperature: Control range (10C to 60C). In case you need to set temperatures below your normal room temperatures, order this module. For example, if you need to run fermentation at 20C and your room temperature is normally 30C, then order the cooling system.

1-B. pH Control system:
The basic unit has an autoclavable gel filled glass pH electrode that displays the real time pH of the run. If you need to control the pH of the reaction, use this module. The control range is pH 2.0 to 12.0. It uses two peristaltic pumps with acid & base reservoirs which automatically add acid or base depending on the pH set and actual values.

1-C. Dissolved Oxygen Display & Control system:
With two gases sparging system. This module consists of a low-maintenance autoclavable galvanic glass DO electrode to measure and automatically sparge air to control the dissolved oxygen levels of the reaction.

1-D. Feed/Harvest Module:
With one bidirectional, variable speed peristaltic pump. Order this if you need to periodically add and remove media, inoculum and samples from the reactor vessel.

1-E. Foam Control Module:
With one peristaltic pump and conductivity probe that monitors the foam. Anti-foam agent is automatically added to the vessel in case of excess foam.

1-G. Datalogging Software:
MS Windows XP based software that displays graphs of and logs pH, temperature, DO and RPM values to MS Excel sheets.

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