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Gel.ProCCD gel documentation system
CCD 16-bit Gel Documentation System 16-bit CCD sensor gel doc system

Sharp zoom lens coupled to a highly sensitive 16-bit Sony scientific grade CCD camera, the Gel.ProCCD gel documentation system, is a high quality, yet low cost professional gel and bio-imaging system. From agarose, PAGE, western blots, dot blots, nucleic acid, colorimetric to fluorescent imaging and upgradeable to chemiluminescence; this gel system has all the options.

Featuring high resolution extremely sensitive scientific grade CCD camera (with choice of 1.4, 5.6 and 9 megapixel cameras) with extremely low noise and dynamic flat field calibration coupled to a motorized zoom lens (with an option for numerical feedback value) that is pre-focussed for different zooms or sample setting, mounted in an enclosure that covers and protects the camera and lens from dust and mold. The camera, lens and cabinet connects to and can be controlled from the PC using the live-view acquisition capture software.

Choice of illumination options with long-life UV trans/epi lighting, wavelength-specific LEDs and more, add to the versatility of the system. UV roll-out transilluminator can be provided in single, dual 302-312nm and 365nm (additionally 254nm, for triple wavelength configuration), and even Red, Green, Blue LEDs ranges. Large filter size of transilluminator for gel images up to 21x26cm, with extra large special filter size of up to 26x26cm also is available.

Colorimetric samples up to 38x30cm can be captured. Epi-white light illumination from above is standard using two LED tubes. Optionally, ultraviolet epiillumination in a variety of wavelengths (254/312/365nm) can also be provided. UV to white light and UV to blue light trans converter screens are also available. UV tubes and LED lamps are high-quality, long-life tubes and lamps, with the latter lasting for more than 40,000 hours of usage (under proper usage with flicker-less, stabilized power supply). Reflectors are standard for uniform light distribution.

The mild & stainless steel, epoxy coated microprocessor controlled dark room cabinet has features for UV irradiation safety switch that switches off the UV lights as soon as the door is opened. Additionally, a timer is provided that switches off UV in case the user forgets to shut it off. Option to adjust timer for excision. Also, the user can opt for automatic switching on of the Dual Epi-White LEDs on opening of door and for automatic controls of UV light and exposure. A transilluminator cooling system is also provided to prevent overheating of gels. Optionally, a window and access door can be provided for gel observation and cutting. And, a gel platform temperature control
(<34 C) can be provided. Gel alignment templates also available.

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Gel.ProCCD gel documentation systems are now CE marked and made in an ISO9001:2008 certified facility.
These are high quality products, proudly made in India.
How the Gel Documentation System works

A transilluminator is mounted on roll-out rails inside a light-tight cabinet. To place the gel, the door is opened and transilluminator pulled out. Push it in, close the door and switch on the UV light and camera. The camera is mounted on top of the cabinet along with zoom lens and wavelenght filter (nominally 590nm filter suitable for Ethidium Bromide EtBr gels is provided)..

Connect the camera to the PC using the USB cable and gel capture software, to get a real-time live view image of the gel. Adjust camera settings (like shutter speed, aperture, focus) till the optimum image is obtained. Click your images and save them on the PC. A white light epi-illuminations source is also provided, that illuminates objects from top.

With the 1D gel analysis software, you can analyse the gels.


- Choice of 1.4, 5.6, 9 megapixel high resolution cameras
- 1.4 megapixel camera has 1390x1040 pixel array
- 5.6 megapixel camera has 2780x2080 pixel array
- 9 megapixel camera has 3475x2600 pixel array
- 16-bit (65,536 bit depth) highly sensitive camera
- 12-bit (4,096 bit depth) budgetary cameras
- Scientific grade Sony CCD imaging sensor
- Anti-reflective, microlens sensor
- Zoom lens, manual or motorized (available in 8-48mm, 8.5-51mm, 12.5-75mm zoom ranges)
- Filter holder, manual and motorized (available in triple and seven filter holders)
- Cooled & ambient temperature
- Exposure Control from 0.01s to Unlimited
- 16-bit grayscale tiff images
- Superior signal-to-noise ratio, 68 dB
- Excellent dynamic range, >4.0 orders of magnitude
- EtBr 590 filter standard
- 312nm / 254nm / 365nm UV or any dual or triple combinations of these wavelengths
- Operate camera, lens and dark-room cabinet via PC


- Easy to us
- Low cost, yet highly sensitive
- Control camera, lens, cabinet and transilluminator from PC using a microprocessor based controller
- Adjust camera lens focus, clicking, shutter speed, aperture from PC
- Camera mounted safely inside a dust-protective enclosure
- Easy access to transilluminator
- Safety interlock switches shuts UV off as soon as door opens
- Small foot print requires less space


- Gel Capture and Analysis
- Fluorescent Imaging
- Protein Electrophoresis Imaging
- Western Blotting Imaging
- Colony and Petri Imaging
- Upgrade to chemiluminescent imaging

Camera Specifications

- Standard model cameras have 16-bit pixel depth (65,536)
- Budgetary model cameras of 12-bit pixel depth (4,096) also available
- Cameras use high quality scientific grade Sony CCD imaging sensors
- Standard models cameras have 1.4, 5.6 and 9 megapixel high resolution cameras in 16-bit sensitivity
- Pixel size are 4.6x4.6um to 6.5x6.5um
- Camera sensors are flat-field calibrated
- Also available are cameras with 12-bit sensitivity for budgetary applications
- Anti-reflective, microlens sensor
- Exposure Control from 0.01s to 100s
- 16-bit grayscale tiff images
- Superior signal-to-noise ratio, 68 dB
- Excellent dynamic range, >4.0 OD in 16-bit cameras
- >3.5 orders of magnitude in 12-bit cameras
- Operate camera, lens and dark-room cabinet via PC using microprocessor based control system

Lens Specifications

- Standard model have manual or motorized zoom lens
- Zoom ranges available are 8-48mm and 8.5-51mm
- Special ranges of zoom are also available: 5-50mm and 12-75mm
- For highly sensitive applications fixed lens are availabe in 17mm, 25mm and 50mm focal lengths
- Aperture is F1.2
- All lenses have focus, iris and zoom control
- In motorized lenses, focus, iris and zoom control are controllable from PC software using microprocessor based control system
- In manual lenses, focus, iris and zoom control are controlled manually


- Options for filter holders
- Standard is manual 3-position filter holder
- Advanced models with 7-position motorized filter holder available
- Orange 590 EtBr and clear are standard

Choice of filters available for these stains:
- Orange 590: Ethidium Bromide (EtBr), SYPRO Ruby, ProQ Diamond, Deep Purple, etc
- Green 520: SYBR Green I, Green II, SYBR Gold, GFP, Fluorescein, FITC
- Orange 560: SYBR Safe, Rhodamine, Cy3, etc
- Red 630: SYPRO Red, Texas Red, etc
- Blue 480: Hoechst, Coumarin, etc
- Clear: Coomassie Blue, Silver etc


- Standard lighting systems are UV transillumination in 302-312nm* and Epi-white light
- Trans illumination area options are 20x20cm for smaller gels and 21x26cm for larger gels
- Special size filter to view extra large gels up to a maximum of 26x26cm also available
- Sample size area is 38x30cm
- We also offer UV transillumination in dual wavelength (312+365nm being most common)
- For rare applications UV transillumination in triple wavelength (254+312+365nm) can also be given
- Multi broad band wavelengths can also be offered 254nm, 312nm and 365nm UV trans lights
- Intensity control for low and high trans-illumination - low for preparative work and high for quantitative
- Trans white light tables are optional to use gel doc for protein gels documentation
- Excitation wavelengths are UV, white, blue, RGB etc
- For special stains, blue light tables can also be given
- Multi-wavelength epi-illumination LEDs are also available for Red, Green, Blue lights for special stains
- UV blocking polymer filter is also provided to block harmful UV wavelength
- Cabinet uses microprocessor based control system to control camera, lens and lighting of the cabinet
- Stain-free system (with 30 sec, 2.5 min, 5 min and user-defined UV-on timer)
* Please note that 300nm, 302nm, 306nm and 312nm are in the same range of wavelengths called UV-B (also known as mid-range). Some manufacturers quote 302nm but it is the same as 312nm..

Gel Software (standard)

Gel Capture Software

Convenient and easy-to-use Gel Capture software has options for adjusting the shutter speed, aperture, focus, directory, rotation etc. You can view the gels live on the screen and capture the image using the software. This software is provided standard with the gel documentation system.

Gel image acquisition and control software allows user to adjust camera, darkroom, lens settings like exposure time settingngs, motorized zoom, focus and iris aperture. Transilluminator, epi-illuminator, LEDs etc can also be directly controlled from computer. Histogram display on the screen shows image saturation and warns over-saturation/exposure.

Gel Analysis Software (standard)

Package Includes

- Dark room cabinet with safety switch with low footprint
- Roll out variable intensity 312nm transilluminator
- Epi-white light illumination
- CCD camera
- Gel capture software
- 590nm orange filter, suitable for EtBr stained gels
- Power cords, USB cable, instruction manual, warranty card
- Options that can be ordered like motorized filter holder, special zoom lens, illumination etc
- 1 year standard warranty against manufacturing defects

Optionals are

- Transilluminator in 365nm, 254nm, dual or multi wavelengths
- White or blue light converter tables
- Epi-illumination in multiple wavelength (RGB) LEDs
- Motorized filter holders
- Stain-free system (with 30 sec, 2.5 min, 5 min and user-defined UV-on timer)
- UV safety over-ride switch
- Gel viewer window in front besides the option to have a UV safety foldable cover on the Transilluminator
- Computer Systems of user's specifications and choice
- Extended Warranty of 2 year and more are available in addition to 1 year standard warranty against manufacturing defects
User Images

Installation at Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati:

Gel Documentation System in use IIT

Installation at Indian Insitute of Space Education and Research, Trivandrum:

Gel Documentation System in use in IISER Trivandrum

Installation at Speciality Hospital, Saket, Delhi:

Gel Documentation System in use, Delhi

Our Gel Documentation System featured at a Biotech Startup in Pune on ET Now:

Gel Documentation System in use

Our Gel Documentation System featured at a Biotech Startup in Pune on IBN LIve:

Gel Documentation System in use, Pune
Please note that different manufacturers use 360nm and 365nm interchangeably for long-wave UV; and 302nm, 312nm for mid-range ultraviolet illumination.
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