Zenith Engineers
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Biotechnology Instruments for science in India

Who we are...

Zenith Engineers is a company based in India developing laboratory equipment for scientific research with a focus on instruments for biosciences applications.

As opposed to a number of companies in India buying instruments from East Asia and China and selling them as imported products with no assurance of either after-sales service, spares or technical knowledge; we are developing indigenous technology and products that are low cost, yet quality assured.

Zenith is run by two engineers with over 40 years of combined experience in the scientific field. In depth knowledge of the product and its application is a key feature of their management of the business. Apart from these, the policy of the
company is to be fair and honest in its dealings, to customers and to its business partners.


What we do...

We design, develop and manufactureinstruments and solutions for scientific laboratories.

Apart from standard laboratory instruments like ovens, baths, etc. we manufacture imaging systems for biosciences applications. Chief among them are gel documentation systems based on digital and CCD cameras, transilluminators and digital microscopy & photomicrography systems.

We also manufacture microbial and cell culture automated fermentors and bioreactors for education and research.

Kindly look at the product page on this website or our price list for a broader list of our products.

What we can do for you...

You may be in need of a customised instrument not available with any other company. It could be for education or for your research or an industrial testing lab. ZENITH ENGINEERS can offer you expert consultancy for designing and producing such an instrument. It doesn’t matter if your need is just for one such instrument. We are keen on working on design projects with institutions and companies that need innovative and customised solutions for scientific research and applications.
"Science is the refinment of everyday thinking"

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